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Visit the Whydah Pirate Museum

At the Whydah Pirate Museum you can touch and see pirate treasure–together with such fascinating artifacts as cannon, firearms, and more–and learn the amazing history of this famous shipwreck and the men who sailed her.

On a spectacular looting voyage, Pirate Black Sam Bellamy, Captain of the Whydah, captured more than 50 ships. Laden with booty—perhaps as much as 4.5 tons of treasure—the Whydah set course for New England, where a violent nor’easter off the coast of Cape Cod sent the pirate ship to a watery grave where she remained undiscovered for nearly 300 years.

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Real Pirates Exhibit at The Museum of Idaho, May 8th through November 28th

The Whydah pirates have arrived at The Museum of Idaho, May 8th through November 28th, with more than 1000 artifacts, including the only authentic pirate treasure ever discovered. Visitors experience pirate life in the 18th century aboard the Whydah, slave ship turned pirate ship. The Whydah was the first fully-authenticated pirate shipwreck ever discovered and […]

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